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November 23, 2014

I’ve been breaking the Universe since 2004!

When life gives me lemons, I turn it into lemonade, but I when inadvertently give my self lemons, I LemoMadeIt – either way it sucks!  Anyway,  this is the vulnerable space and place I created as a way to face my failures head on and reflect upon how I can better myself.

Quite frankly some of this shit still stings – so hopefully this will make it feel better.  <– insert slow violin music here 🙂

April 19, 2012

KIPP Indianapolis

The idea:  ion360, my IT firm to provide IT services to KIPP Indianapolis.

The gems: I was awarded a maintenance contract with the school and serviced the school for one year.

The lemon:  KIPP did not to renew its contract with ion360 based on cited budget constraints.  In connection with the smear campaign from March, KIPP Indianapolis decided to invoke a law suit against almost 18 months after we concluded our relationship.  The lawsuit claims ion360 promised “responsive service and rapid resolution” to technology issues and problems, along with 24/7 support, but did not deliver.  Yes, they decided I didn’t deliver 24/7 support, almost 18 months after services amicably concluded…

The result:  The lawsuit was dismissed.  Myself or ion360 were not found guilty of any allegations expressed in the lawsuit.

Lesson learned: You must have tightly constructed contracts and always document everything!  Invoke terms and time limits on post termination clauses.

March 17, 2011

Paramount School of Excellence

The idea:  To create a K-8 charter school with robots, wind turbines, Apple technology and a Common Core spiraling curriculum.

The gem:  The school was launched with everything I built it for!

The lemon:  Someone I entrusted expressed to the board that I defrauded the school out of funds.  The allegation came about whilst I was conveniently out of the country for almost 2 weeks.  When I arrived back in the US, I was on the news, and was told never to step foot back on school property.  I never had the opportunity to defend myself nor was an unbiased investigation rendered.

The result:  Of course, it was established (via arbitration) that no such “fraud” occurred and I further left the proceedings net positive.   Even though proof was evident, I was removed from management of the school and essentially “erased” as co-founder.  It’s now rolling up on 2015 and this is one still troubles me: falsely accused, no opportunity to defend myself and a falsely tarnished reputation.  It’s all good – no one can ever take from me the fact that I built something amazing for the babies!

Lesson learned:  Invest in a legal team that will establish a corporate structure to protect founding interests, deeply research the team you build with and create a solid culture.  Be clear on revenue allocations, capital expenditures and always use the best fiduciary management practices.

April 20, 2010
  • edu360

    Dimitri Snowden


The idea:  To create the first web based, cloud hosted, subscription baed SIS (Student Information System) that aggregated student data, educator data and operational data

The gem:  I got an investor!

The lemon:  I contracted with my long time “friend” to write the software.  He never wrote the software and he netted approximately $40k of my investment funds.

The result: I had to pay back the investor to avoid being sued.  The software never launched and my “friend” relocated to Costa Rica at the time.

Lesson learned:  Even when working with friends, you still need contracts!  Establish payment and project milestones as well as build in contingency and exit strategies.  Use weighted charges back and incentive clauses for missed/completed deadlines by vendors.

March 3, 2010
  • Elect+

    Dimitri Snowden


The idea:  To offer politicians interactive kiosk platforms that could be distributed at campaign sites to collect constituent data, input and donations.

The gem:  I was able to build a prototype

The lemon:  My idea was not 100% developed nor did I have any political relationships to leverage.

The result: Never launched.

Lesson learned: Take your time and plan!  Research, plan, research and plan more!  Establish relationships within your target market.

February 24, 2008
  • MailPost

    Dimitri Snowden


The idea:  To open a retail shipping store that offered design services.

The gem:  I was able to successfully open two of these stores.

The lemon:  I was self funded (no investors) and I didn’t entertain a full fiscal cycle on the first store before I opened the second.

The result: I ran out of money and closed them both.

Lesson learned: Build detailed financial models with contingency and exit strategies.  Be patient!

June 24, 2004


The idea:  To place advertising based programming on monitors within Indianapolis city buses.

The gems: I got a placement contract with IndyGo and had agreements with ClearChannel.  I designed the prototype and afforded to fit two GM Hybrid buses.

The lemon:  I was a tad cocky and thought my idea was brilliant however, it was deemed “stupid” by VC’s in 2004.   Never got funded.

The result: Never made it out of prototype, testing phase.

Lesson learned: You have to build a team!  You cannot do everything yourself.  Secure financing/investments before engaging the business strategy.  You cannot run a business on hope and a wish.