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April 19, 2012

KIPP Indianapolis

The idea:  ion360, my IT firm to provide IT services to KIPP Indianapolis.

The gems: I was awarded a maintenance contract with the school and serviced the school for one year.

The lemon:  KIPP did not to renew its contract with ion360 based on cited budget constraints.  In connection with the smear campaign from March, KIPP Indianapolis decided to invoke a law suit against almost 18 months after we concluded our relationship.  The lawsuit claims ion360 promised “responsive service and rapid resolution” to technology issues and problems, along with 24/7 support, but did not deliver.  Yes, they decided I didn’t deliver 24/7 support, almost 18 months after services amicably concluded…

The result:  The lawsuit was dismissed.  Myself or ion360 were not found guilty of any allegations expressed in the lawsuit.

Lesson learned: You must have tightly constructed contracts and always document everything!  Invoke terms and time limits on post termination clauses.

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